1959 – Independence

At the time of the breakup of the PCC Idaho was getting roughly $25,000 in TV revenue and Rose Bowl gate receipts.  In comparison, the baseball, track, golf and tennis programs combined cost the University approximately $35,000.  So, the end of the PCC was a major setback to Idaho athletics.

Page from UW yearbook summarizing the Idaho game

Idaho’s faculty representative to the former conference was not optimistic that Idaho would be included if the conference would be reformed.  In his discussions with journalists in southern California he was asked what Idaho and Washington State had ever done for the conference.  His response was that the purposes and principles of intercollegiate athletics were upheld by Idaho and WSC as much as any other member of the conference.  However, the fact that Idaho would never draw 100,000 fans to a game was ultimately the deciding factor behind Idaho being left out.

On the field the product was a disaster.  Idaho’s only victory came against Montana during the final game of the season.  The margin of victory was 3 points.  Idaho was outscored on the season by over 200 points.

Arizona vs Idaho program

Arizona vs Idaho program

Here’s some video of Idaho taking on Oregon State

and against Oregon

and WSU

and the ‘losers walk’ following the defeat at the hands of the Cougs

and Washington


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