Several NCAA rule changes have impacted performance on the field. Here are some interesting facts about Idaho’s performance during eras with different rules:

Pre-1941 (Iron Man Era): 122-144-19 (46%)

1941-1952 (Unlimited Subs): 28-58-2 (33%)

1953-1964 (One-Platoon Era): 34-75-2 (31%)

1965-1972 (Unlimited Subs, Unlimited Scholarships): 36-47-0 (43%)

1973-1977 (105 Scholarships): 20-32-3 (39%)


  1. Through at least 1932 the PCC had very strict guidelines regarding recruiting, thus most athletes were local residents and members of the student body.
  2. The National Letter of Intent program was started in 1964 with the intention “to curb recruiting excesses that began when college sports became a national endeavor with the increased television exposure of the late 1940s and early 1950s”

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