Pullman Attendance

A topic of much debate among Vandal fans is the need for a new, outdoor stadium vs. expansion of the much-maligned 16,000 seat Kibbie Dome.  Presented here are the attendance figures from the games played in WSU’s Martin Stadium.  Idaho played games in Pullman to meet NCAA mandated minimum attendance requirements when the school reemerged from I-AA football.  Detractors against a new stadium will say that there were many incentives including ticket giveaways that led to increased attendance.  Advocates for a new stadium will say that it doesn’t matter.  Attendance is attendance.  Here are the figures:

09/18/1999 WSU        34,873
10/09/1999 N. Texas  16,636
10/23/1999 Utah St.   23,429
11/20/1999 BSU         25,867

09/09/2000 Montana  17,929
09/23/2000 WSU         31,409
09/30/2000 Mont. St.  13,315
10/14/2000 Ark. St.     19,779

08/30/2001 WSU         31,097
09/29/2001 BSU           20,359
10/20/2001 La-Laf       13,088

11/06/2004 Ark. St       9,425

1. WSU season ticket holders received tickets to UI “home” games against WSU at Martin Stadium as part of their ticket packages
2. N. Texas was a double header with WSU and all WSU ticket holders (including students) could exchange their tickets for free entrance into the UI game.  The WSU game also included a deal where, with purchase of 1 adult ticket, you could receive up to 2 free childrens tickets.  Therefore, you could conceivably get three free Vandal tickets for the purchase of one Cougar ticket.


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