Idaho began the 1909 season by defeating Puget Sound. The game was played in Moscow and Idaho expended little effort in defeating the team from Washington. The second string played for most of the second half. Puget Sound scored in the last minute to make the final score 31-6.

The next week Idaho would face Whitman in what was expected to be another Idaho victory. However, Whitman surprised everyone and soundly defeated Idaho 30-6. By all accounts Idaho was outplayed in every aspect of the game and scored only on by returning a blocked kick for a touchdown.

The first major game of the season would occur in week three against Washington. The team from Seattle would face Idaho at Recreation Park in Spokane. The facility, which hosted the Spokane Indians baseball club seated approximately 7,000 spectators. About 3,000 showed up to see Idaho embarrassed by Washington. The real interesting thing about the game, though were the side stories. The game was essentially a test of the city of Spokane and its ability to hold major sporting events. There were problems, though, including several hundred spectators sneaking into the event without paying. Another interesting aspect of the game was its foreshadowing of future problems in college football. Idaho made money from the game, but Washington, due to travel, barely broke even. Both aspects are detailed in the article in the Spokesman Review.

The following week Idaho hosted Washington State in Moscow. The recent rain turned the field to mud and Idaho was again defeated by WSC by the score of 18-0. As always, controversy surrounded the game with Idaho protesting that WSC was given an extra down resulting in their first touchdown.


Against Oregon, the Idaho squad finally put together a respectable performance. The result was the same though – a loss. The final score from Portland was 22-6. It was the first time all season, though, that the Idaho offense looked to be working as a team.

Idaho finished the season by travelling to Boise for a Thanksgiving Day game against the Boise All Stars and a game two days later against the College of Idaho. The silver and gold were victorious in both efforts against the competition to finish the season 3-4.


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