The 1914 Vandals opened the season on a high note defeating Gonzaga. By all accounts, Idaho was the vastly superior team, though only able to beat the visitors by 2 points and a score of 5-3.

Idaho continued to be unbeaten after the second week’s game against Montana.  However, Idaho and Montana combined for a total of 0 points, ending the game in a tie.  The game was played in a rainstorm on a field so muddy that the game was stopped several times to clear mud from the players eyes. Idaho was again clearly the better team, but the weather neutralized Idaho’s speed and gave the bigger Montana squad an advantage.

As always, the university struggled for funding in 1914.  The Spokesman ran a rather informative article explaining Idaho’s land grand and the funds derived therefrom. In total, the university was endowed by the federal government with nearly 300,000 acres of land.

Back on the football field Idaho hosted its final home game of the season. The game was against the ducks of Oregon. It was at the hands of Oregon that Idaho suffered its first defeat of the season. The Vandals offensive woes finally caught up to them and Oregon defeated Idaho 13-0. Two missed field goals and a pick-six did Idaho in. Oregon put the nail in the coffin with a forward pass for touchdown of their own. We are reminded of the difference in eras when Oregon’s coach slapped a Moscow fan and nearly started a brawl between the players and fans. Luckily the excitement was short lived and nobody was seriously injured.

The 1914 Idaho Vandals

The 1914 Idaho Vandals

Over a century ago the Battle of the Palouse was still big news in the region. A big crowd of 4,000 packed into WSC’s new Rogers Field to witness the game.  A field goal by WSC amounted to the only scoring on the day and the Cougars came away with a narrow 3-0 victory. After its final game on the Palouse Idaho would head to Portland to face Oregon State, or at that time, Oregon Agricultural College.  The Aggies would beat Idaho 26-0 as Idaho’s offense continued to struggle.

The Vandals would end the season at Walla Walla against Whitman. The Vandals would leave victorious by the score of 7-0. The only touchdown of the game was scored on a forward pass.


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