For the first time in ages, Idaho was favored to beat the mighty Washington Huskies.  By virtue of Idaho’s 9-0 loss to Oregon and Washington’s 13-0 defeat at the hands of the webfooters, Idaho came into the game a slight favorite.  The Vandals hopes were dashed, however, and the game was a 38-7 victory in favor of the Huskies.

Idaho had a lot of confidence going into 1931.  A couple close games with Oregon in previous years gave Idaho thoughts of upsetting the Ducks this year.  Unfortunately the Vandals would lose another close contest.

It’s hard to imagine, but could travel to and from Spokane have been more convenient in 1931 than it is today?  For $2 a person could buy a round trip train ticket from Spokane to watch Gonzaga take on Idaho in Moscow.  Today, no train tracks exist on the Idaho campus and no passenger rail service hasn’t served Moscow for many years.  In 1931 fans were treated to a great game as Idaho beat the Zags 7-6 in the homecoming game attended by 5000 fans.

1931 also marked the first time the PCC would employ a commissioner.  The league voted

Willis Smith, Vandal Legend

7-3 to hire an “athletic czar” in order to follow the model set by the Big Ten.

The star of Idaho’s team was Willis “Little Giant” Smith.  He was discussed as possible All-American material and went on to have a career in the NFL.  Smith is a Vandal legend and in the Idaho Hall of Fame.


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