Idaho ProgramIt’s been a few weeks since my last Vandal post.  That is due, in part, to Google discontinuing support for its news archive.  It was a great service, but is now relegated to the abandoned Google project scrap heap.

That being said, 1946 was an abysmal year for Vandal football.  The team went winless in the PCC and won only one game (against Portland) overall.  In four of the teams’ eight losses they were shut out and never scored more than 20 points on the season.  The performance was so bad that “Babe” Brown, the football coach resigned at the end of the season.

Coach Anderson

On the right is coach Chance Anderson. Image courtesy of http://andersonkrygier.blogspot.com

“Babe” Brown was an Idaho alum and had played for some of the schools most successful football teams in the 1920’s.  He was also a local who had coached Lewiston and Moscow high school football.  It a move that would seem strange today, he was retained on the staff but reassigned in the department.  It wasn’t all bad for “Babe” brown, though.  He also coached the basketball team who won the Northern Division crown in the 1945-46 season and fell to Cal in a three game playoff for the PCC championship.  On the football field it was a completely different story.  The team was so bad they were even shut out by fellow PCC stepchild Montana.

Idaho taking on Stanford

Idaho taking on Stanford

The biggest news of the season was the coaching vacancy.  Many coaches from around the country were interested in the Idaho job.  Dixie Howell from Alabama appeared to be the front runner and would, indeed, become Idaho’s next head coach.

Idaho vs. Stanford 1946.  Idaho lost 45-0 at Stanford Stadium.

Idaho vs. Oregon

and the Battle of the Palouse

and against Oregon State


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