Idaho ProgramIn 1949 Idaho was in the third year of a re-emphasis on football.  Unfortunately that endeavor was less than successful.  Although Idaho had succeeded in producing a better product, so too had the other members of the PCC.  Idaho finished 3-5 with its only conference victory coming against Montana. The Lewiston Tribune published a very succinct editorial which questioned how long the Vandals and neighboring Cougars could last in the PCC.  The Vandals would be out in a decade but the Cougars remain to this day.

On campus, the new fieldhouse, pictured in the banner for this site, was being constructed

Track construction at Neale Stadium in 1949

which would allow the football team to practice out of the hard North Idaho spring weather.  The fieldhouse wasn’t the only athletic construction proceeding.  Neale Stadium also saw the addition of a running track around the football field.

Neale stadium hosted 25,000 fans for the annual UI/WSU matchup.  Over 60 years ago Idaho hosted 25,000 fans on its campus to see a football game.  Idaho lost the game but the environment must have been electric.  Later in the season Idaho again drew a big crowd of 15,000 to Moscow for Oregon State, which was much smaller than it is today.  The crowd was so large that Moscow residents were asked to leave their cars at home for fear of traffic jams.  The annual game in Boise was against Portland State.

In what would become a pattern that would lead to the end of the conference, many of the big schools were fined for infractions of conference rules.  Idaho was not listed among the offenders.

1949 schedule poster

1949 schedule poster

And Idaho’s 56-7 loss at Texas

And against Stanford

and against Oregon State


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