1967 Media Guide

1967 Media Guide

In 1967 the Vandals played just two games in Moscow.  The annual contest in Boise was a 16-6 victory against in-state rival ISU.  The final game of the season was an away game and a 77-6 shellacking at the hands of the Houston Cougars high-powered offense.  Today’s problems existed even in the 1960’s.  Idaho football simply could not survive playing all its home games in Moscow.  The costs were too steep.  The school had to turn to road games and its annual game in Boise to make ends meet.

The season began on a better note, however.  As a show of goodwill towards North Idaho, the Vandals conducted two separate spring scrimmages.  One was played in Coeur d’Alene while the other was played in Moscow.  At least 8 products of North Idaho competed for the Vandals in 1967.

1967 also saw the resignation of Vandal football coach  Stephen Musseau.  Although he was successful by Idaho standards, bringing the Vandals the best coaching record since the 1920’s, he chose to move on.  Many players initiated a petition to keep the coach, but to no avail.

By this time college football had already become a major business in much of the country.  Idaho lagged behind.  Even in 1967 the question arose as to whether or not the state needs, or could afford, three college football programs.  All three were at low points.  Idaho got humiliated by Houston, Boise had been defeated by both Ricks College and Treasure Valley Community College, and ISU had been decimated by Tulsa.  All three institutions had plans for improvement, but there was concern over the costs.

Financial concerns didn’t only impact football during the 1967 year. In January the Governor and legislature decided it was in the best interest of the taxpayer to publicly fund Boise State College. During this legislative year the University of Idaho also was asking for additional funding because “we lag behind every other western state in salaries“. This issue would not get resolved any time in the near future and the decision to publicly fund an additional institution haunts the state and all Idaho public universities to this day. Certain democratic legislators saw this plan as adding additional strain to an already cash strapped higher education system saying “a state school in Boise would result in demands for more and more state money“. But, members of the state board saw this as a way to coordinate higher education within the state.

The nondescript season ended with a respectable 2-2 record in Big Sky play and a 4-6 record overall.

Sign outside Neale Stadium advertising the three

Sign outside Neale Stadium advertising the three “home” games for 1967.   Notice the old “Joe Vandal”.

1967 also saw Idaho relegated to second-tier status in the NCAA.  Idaho played only 3 “major” schools in 1967 and did not meet the definition of a “major” program.

1967 Vandals Minor


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